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The Main Reasons Why Cat Memes are Such a Hit on the Internet

Common wisdom says that you’re either a cat person or a dog person. Sure, there are people who love neither and there are people who love both – but generally speaking, if you love animals, people tend to classify you as either a canine lover or a feline lover.

If that is true, then the world is probably made up more of the cat lover than the dog lover – the furry feline actually rules the Internet when it comes to photos and memes. Is this an accident? Probably not. The cat seems to dominate – and for good reason. Ever wonder why it’s the cat who rules? Here are the main reasons why cat memes are such a hit on the Internet.

The cat simply doesn’t care

It’s what makes them both irritating and funny at the same time: they just don’t care what you have to say or what you think about at all – they’ll do what they feel like doing, regardless. It’s also what makes them so photogenic. Unlike dogs (who are aware of what their owners are doing and hence tend to change their behaviour, making it hard to take good pictures), cats simply don’t mind the camera and allow for imagery that is true and real.

Create your own scene

Because cats don’t care as much (in comparison with dogs, for example), it’s often easy to take a photo of a cat with a blank or grumpy stare. This makes it the ideal canvas for whatever funny caption you can think of. The expression of the cat is often neutral, and hence it lends itself to various forms of humour. The cat’s face is blank – you can fill in the expression yourself.

The cat is simply more popular

Around the world, cats and dogs are the most popular pets to have. However, throughout history cats have been revered more often. Furthermore, the cat is usually more popular, especially in large cities and metropolitan areas where having a dog is impractical. Hence, more people relate to cats than to dogs – and more people can have fun with them.

Whether you’re joining the argument that dogs are better friends, or insist that cats are far more appropriate as a pet – it doesn’t really matter what side of the debate you’re on. The truth is that, regardless of what pet you think fits best in your life, it seems that cats rule the day and this trend is bound to continue for a while simply because it’s easy to make cat memes. Dogs may be more loyal but cats remain neutral – and that’s why the cat can be used to create any funny image you feel like making. Enjoy those cat memes, and continue to upload our feline friends – and now, you can enjoy both slot games and a funny cat caption creator, thanks to special websites as well!

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