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Bar 7’s

If you’re looking for a classic fruit machine, then Bar 7’s is definitely what you are actually looking for. This game can be considered one of the most unique and traditional slot games that is around, which I believe is very awesome. Imagine just to play those old school slots from long time ago, it really gives you a nostalgic feeling.

This slot has only 3 reels and one payline and it’s an excellent mini game for anyone who wants to spend their spare time doing something that is actually fun. It’s a very simple game and it’s not hard to see why it is so popular among the players.

Usually, traditional games don’t have many special features, such as in the present case. It has though, two redeeming features. The first one happens after you either win or lose a spin. You may be offered to take advantage of re-spins and holds, no extra charge included.

Another one is the nidges you are offered if you are losing a spin. You have up to 3 nudges that will allow you to re-spin after losing the last spin, free of charge obviously, so that you recover any other loss that may occur.

Just like any other slot, this one includes the gamble feature as well. The gamble feature appears available after winning a spin. You have to guess the color of the next turned card that are presented to you after pressing the gamble button. Guess right and your winnings are doubled, but if you get it wrong, then as much as I am sorry for you, but you will lose everything you have earned so far, so be careful!

Traditional slot games are still very impressive and you can still have fun while playing them, although some player would consider them overdates, many of the traditional slots are better than new ones, so is the case here. Try it out for free in our casino and for sure you will like this slot.

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